Rural Church Planting in West Cork

“We always knew we didn’t want to be comfortable Christians,” said Amy, a Greater Europe Mission worker in Ireland.  From the beginning, Rob and Amy were involved in local ministry, Bible studies, and discipling relationships in their local towns in Ireland. They began to see many people show up to these ministries, and many seemed…

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Homeless and Orphan Outreach in Bulgaria 

Two men look into the back of a car outside a homeless shelter

Bojan, a former sailor who had fallen on hard times, raised a hand to get Krasi’s attention once again. The short, bearded man had been attending his Bible studies for a few years and was full of questions:   “Why does the Bible say this?”   “Where in the Bible does it say that?”   “What does God think about this or…

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Coffeehouse Ministry in Hungary

A coffeehouse in Hungary. A grey building with large windows and a red door. "Feltolto" is written on the wall in red. Customers are seen sitting under a verandah outside drinking coffee.

With tables and chairs ready to receive guests, the front porch of the small concrete building offers a welcoming space to rest and get a snack or drink. What was once the village’s only bank branch is now a coffeeshop. The cafe’s name, Feltöltő Kávézó, translates from Hungarian to something along the lines of a “fill-up”…

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Reaching University Students in Frankfurt

A university campus in Frankfurt, Germany, a large courtground is visible in the foreground with the tall city building visible behind it.

Frankfurt is a young city full of dwellers from across the world. In fact, over half of the residents in Frankfurt are foreign-born. Seeing the opportunity to reach the world by reaching the young people in the city, Jacky Falk and other GEM workers began praying for God to start a movement amongst university students.…

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