Greater Europe Mission

A community of disciple-makers that works through local ministries, churches, and partnerships to share the love of Jesus throughout Europe.

We believe are the key to changing Europe.

While a part of discipleship is evangelism, our goal is not to convince people to make one decision for Christ but to walk alongside them as they learn to choose Him every day.

What Is Discipleship Multiplication In GEM?

A busy street filled with summer crowds in Europe. Historical style buildings can be seen in the background.

Europe is teeming with opportunity. Stories of God working through his people are many, yet they still only scratch the surface of the great need. In fact, European Christians are dying faster than they are being born.1 Although many nations in Europe have a Christian background, the number of Jesus followers is declining at a rapid rate. Filled with families who have lived in these lands for hundreds of years, alongside new Europeans of first and second generations, Europe has revealed itself as a place where opportunities for spiritual growth seem almost endless. No matter where they were born, we know…

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