GEM works through local ministries, churches, and partnerships to share the love of Jesus throughout Europe.

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Woman with black shirt and white skirt with hands in her pockets stands in an open square. Historic European buildings can be seen behind her and the road is paved in cobblestones.

Sending workers

GEM sends workers from across Europe and from around the world to share the love of Jesus throughout the European continent. We believe God has called Europeans and outsiders to work with one another to fulfill the Great Commission. Connect with our team to learn more!

A group of people are meeting together, listening to one man standing and talking in front of them. Light streams in the window behind him.

Equipping workers

GEM partners with local churches, ministries, and believers to reach out and tell people the good news of Jesus. We strive together for the sake of the Gospel to be disciples who make disciples.

Two women smiling towards each other, one facing the camera and one facing away.

Partnering with locals

As we witness God working among communities of believers across Europe, GEM aspires to partner with local ministries. GEM seeks to provide support for what God is already doing in Europe. Would your ministry or one you know about benefit from a partnership with GEM?

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We want to see Europe transformed by Jesus.

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