Partnering with GEM unleashes adventure

We are driven by a passion to see Europe transformed by the love of Jesus. We are both locals and outsiders, and sometimes we’re newcomers. We are sent, and we are passionate collaborators from many backgrounds who work with one another. As followers of Jesus, we strive to be disciples who make disciples.

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We believe are the key to changing Europe

GEM defines discipleship as the practice of helping another person grow in their relationship with Jesus. This can be introducing someone to the concept of Jesus for the first time, or helping a fellow believer better seek and savour the love of Christ.

While a part of discipleship is evangelism, our goal is not to convince people to make one decision for Christ but to walk alongside them as they learn to choose Him every day. All of this is fueled through dwelling in His Word, the practice of listening to the Holy Spirit, and in community with God’s people.

What does look like?

The practice of discipleship is not constrained to one process or system. We believe that Jesus is already at work in the lives of everyone we meet, wooing them to Himself – we just need to be intentional and ready to play our part.

Two youth boys are seen with their backs to the camera preparing food in an industrial kitchen with aprons on.

Local ministry and partnerships

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Church planting

We desire to experience vital and healthy churches reproducing across Europe.

A group of young people are sitting on grass and talking in a circle formation. Bags and sports gear can be seen lying around them.

Discipleship multiplication

We enter intentional, caring, Christ focused relationships with people to help them trust and follow Jesus.

A man is seen preaching in front of an old building and metal fence with a book in his hand.

Biblical education

Equipping, developing, and discipling students and church leaders through teaching and learning.

A refugee camp entrance is pictured with a large wired fence surrounding it. Hand made welcome signs and a heart made of old clothes are visible.

Refugee ministries

Serving people who have been displaced or even forced to leave their homes, caring for refugees is a vital “hands and feet of Jesus” ministry.

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Justice ministries

Reaching out with the loving care of Jesus and serving victims of many forms of exploitation.

A younger and older man are seen together working to fix an old window frame. The house being fixed is visible in the background.

Professional ministries

Intentionally engaging and encouraging people in the workplace mission field.

How we work

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Send workers

For over 70 years, GEM has sent workers to and across Europe to share the Good News of Jesus. This means sending workers from other parts of the globe as well as sending Europeans to and throughout Europe. We believe God has called locals and catalytic outsiders to go, and share his love so that all may hear.

A group of people are meeting together, listening to one man standing and talking in front of them. Light streams in the window behind him.

Equip workers

GEM is passionate about building Kingdom relationships wherever we find them. We tap into different parts of Christ’s Body by working with partners to tell people of Christ, train them to be disciples, raise up leaders, and support Kingdom-building work in a variety of ways. Want to learn more? Contact our training and equipping team here.

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Partner with locals

God is already at work across Europe which means GEM isn't pursuing ministry endeavours alone. Rather, we're seeking to come alongside and support local ministries already at work. Do you know about any local ministries who could benefit through partnership with GEM? Contact our training and equipping team here.

Interested in missions? Partner with us as we build a disciple making movement across the continent and discover opportunities to serve with GEM throughout Europe!