Three older women are seen sitting together in a row of chairs smiling at something out of frame. They have lanyards around their necks and champagne glasses in their hands.

A community of that long to see Europe transformed by Jesus.

For over 70 years, our workers have created relationships and environments of grace where people who are near or far from God feel welcome. On a continent now considered post-Christian, the people of GEM strive to be a light through transformative disciple-making relationships.

Our mission

Reach Europe by multiplying disciples and growing Christ's church

Our vision

God expanding His Kingdom through all peoples of Europe to the world

A group of young men are in a circle kicking a football to each other in the air. A large mountain is seen in the background.
An older boy and woman are seen pictured with their arms around each other hugging while they smile directly into the camera.

We believe are the key to changing Europe.

Through discipleship we are able to reach those that are far from God.

Through discipleship we can empower those to share the love to Jesus to neighbours and friends.

Through discipleship we develop disciples that will go to their town or throughout Europe on mission with GEM.

Local ministry and partnerships

Our history

Greater Europe Mission has been committed to the work of the Gospel across Europe for more than 70 years. While the landscape of Europe has changed since our inception, GEM’s commitment to see Europe transformed by the love of Jesus has been unwavering.

Five adults are sitting on their knees on the floor with their eyes closed. Other people are gathered around them standing up with their hands placed on their shoulders praying for them.
Two girls have their backs to the camera dressed in long pants and jackets. A tram and historic European buildings can be seen behind them.