Rural Church Planting in West Cork

January 31, 2024

“We always knew we didn’t want to be comfortable Christians,” said Amy, a Greater Europe Mission worker in Ireland. 

From the beginning, Rob and Amy were involved in local ministry, Bible studies, and discipling relationships in their local towns in Ireland. They began to see many people show up to these ministries, and many seemed hungry for the gospel. At that time, the Attridges were attending a church an hour away from their home and realised that it was hard to do ministry locally while travelling so far for church.  

After years of Rob and Amy pouring into people who were coming to local ministries and Bible studies, an older and wiser friend challenged them. “Have you considered, is there going to be a long-term home for these people,” he asked. 

Rural Church Planting in West Cork Ireland via Vimeo

About the Filmmaker: Hannah Ruth Branson is a Storyteller serving with Greater Europe Mission in the UK and Czech.